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Silver Clay Workshops

Always wanted to create your own beautiful unique jewellery? We offer a range of silver clay workshop from simple earrings that can be done in a few ours to a bespoke day workshop which can be arrange to suit your needs. 

Mixed media workshop

Mixed Media Paintings

In this workshop you will be taken to an art adventure creating your own unique painting. Some of the techniques that we will be exploring together are frottage, scripting, Asemic writing and collage. You are welcome to use different technique or request one.

Bachs by judy

Ink Play Workshops

Ever wonder what your symbol in ancient script style is? Join us in our Ink Play Workshop to find out what your unique symbol looks like! At the end of the workshop you will take home a beautiful painting with your unique symbol.

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A bit about Judy Armstrong

An artist for over 35 years with ceramics, sculpting, printing and painting in my background. My uniquely designed workshops. I look forward to connecting with people who wish to start their journey to explore their own inner creativity.